Land of Sicily

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April 15


Propaganda of social tourism.

This project was created in order to offer the opportunity to spend a holiday and relaxation period experiencing local excellence, promoting the territory, culture and agri-food systems.

Cyclops Riviera, Acitrezza and Acicastello (CT)
Agrigento Siculiana Realmonte (AG)
Mussomeli, Campofranco (CL)

15 days

All those who want to have fun, relax, get to know and discover new horizons. From a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 40 participants.

1st day
Arrival at Catania airport. "Welcome to Sicily". Typical Sicilian party theme evening in a private location.

2nd day
Breakfast and departure to visit the seaside villages of the Cyclops Riviera, Acicastello and Acitrezza. On the Norman Castle, welcome in Historical Clothes, melodramatic theatrical performance. Cooking class by Chef Glacier, preparation and tasting of the Typical Granita. Free lunch. In the afternoon, Aci Trezza, village of the Malavoglia, visit Casa del Nespolo, and an artisan demonstration by Maestro d'Ascia, as boats used to be. Typical Sicilian marinara dinner, preparation and tasting of typical dishes of poor Sicilian cuisine.

3rd day
Ascent by Jeep on Etna and visit of the largest active volcano in Europe, Unesco heritage, tour in the cellar with tastings of cheeses and typical Sicilian wines. Afternoon in the alleys of Catania between smells and flavors. Free dinner

4th day
Departure for Agrigento, a city immersed in the Valley of the temples which today represents the most sublime testimony of Greek civilization in Sicily. It rises in the southern part on the remains of the ancient city and includes numerous temples built in the fifth century BC. Today, the Valley of the Temples is a destination for thousands of tourists from all over the world. Free lunch. In the afternoon the Sicilian identity shop. In the evening smells and flavors of the land of Sicily

5th day
Relaxing day among the wonderful beaches of Agrigento. Free lunch. In the afternoon, La Putia Siciliana tells about the origins and preparation of typical local products.

6th day
The ways of the Poets. Morning dedicated to visiting the Pirandello House. Free lunch and in the afternoon visit of the historical center of Agrigento and its churches. Dinner in hotel

7th day
Relaxing day among the wonderful beaches of Agrigento. Free lunch. In the afternoon, we prepare the Pizza

8th day
The Akragantina Coast from the Scala dei Turchi to Siculiana Realmonte visit the Scala dei Turchi, the realmonte coast unique in the world; so named because of its shape that recalls that of a staircase on which legend has it that, during the period of Saracen raids, the Turks went up to perpetrate their looting. It stands between the beach and the hills that limit the coast itself, made up of limestone and clay with a characteristic white color, made dazzling by sunlight, the waters below are of extraordinary clarity.
Historians do not agree on the origins of Siculiana: some trace it back to the ancient Supper, one of the stations on Antonio's itinerary, from Agrigento to western Sicily; for others it was founded by the Arabs, but was destroyed by the Normans.
After the visit to the fabulous castle, lunch will take place between culture and food at the Mete Museum, while in the afternoon visit to the Mother Church the Black Christ and its fascinating history, in the evening return to Agrigento. Free dinner

Day 9
Day at the sea. Free lunch. Afternoon, from the Earth to the Table, preparation of a dinner with 0 km products. By local farmers.

10th day
Transfer to Mussomeli town of the medieval Nissian experiential tourism (milking). Beyond the Buongusto Natura- culture –Enogastronomy, visit to the Chiaramontano Castle bristling on an 80-meter high ridge of rock and isolated in the middle of the sunny countryside of the Sicilian hinterland, with its rooms with its medieval mysteries. lunch at the Agriturismo Trekking, on horseback in the afternoon, visit to the Madonna dei Miracoli Sanctuary, destination for pilgrims.
Finally, a short stop for the wayfarer at the S. Calogero Di Campofranco Sanctuary, in the municipality of Nisseno. Return to Agrigento in the evening. Free dinner

11th day
The Via dei Poeti continues, a chat with Camilleri. Free lunch and afternoon dedicated to shopping in Via Atenea, the city lounge.

12th day
Experiential naturalistic tourism, to conquer Terra Salsa. Guided trekking at the nature reserve to discover fauna and flora, discovering ancient and wild landscapes. Following breakfast de Myth of Kokalos, in a breathtaking home on the suggestive scenery of the African sea. Typical Sicilian lunch. Free afternoon and free dinner.

13th day
Day Visit of San Cataldo, between the Bosco gabarra and the sulfur mines with theatrical events, Ciaula discovers the moon. Tasting of typical products. Free dinner

14th day
Departure and day dedicated to wine tourism, along the road of wines from Agrigento to Catania. Sunset in the vineyard and overnight in Catania.

15th day
Typical Sicilian breakfast and end of services.


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